Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to help our clients enter the China market so that Chinese people may have access to the top medications and treatment methods in the world.

For too long the China market has seemed “too far away,” ”too complex” and “too difficult” for many foreign healthcare companies to consider approaching. And in the end, it is the people that are effected most. Without access to the latest in medical advancements, people are suffering, and sometimes dying, unnecessarily. That is why our top mission is to contribute as much as we can and support foreign companies to enter the China market as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Furthermore, with the recent improvements at home in R&D, China is also (slowly) starting to produce innovative healthcare products that have the potential to improve the well-being of people across the world. That is why we are also committed to assisting innovative Chinese healthcare companies reach across boarders as well, in the hope that no one is left behind. Incidentally, this was the inspiration behind our new logo: A “link” symbolising the connection between East and West and the need for us to work together to improve healthcare across the world.

We are a values-driven organisation. Our values reflect the thinking of our founder, Yu Xu, and are at the heart of everything we do. During our annual meeting we always take time to reflect as a group on what our values mean to both our work and our lives.


Do our part to improve healthcare standards in China and the world by doing what we do best; implementing high-quality clinical trials while observing high ethical standards.


Work together with colleagues and clients to ensure the most productive methods are being utilised by bringing innovative management practices and lessons learnt through experience to the table in everything you we do.


Ensure that everything we do is done to the strictest of quality standards. No compromises.


Create an unrivalled environment for exceptional people to thrive by developing one another through apprenticeship and mentoring

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Our senior managers and executives were trained in the West, have worked for big Western pharmaceutical companies, and are committed to bringing the best clinical practices to China.

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Company News

For more than a decade, Clinical Service Center-“CSC” (formerly Beijing Clinical Service Center – “BCSC”) has been conducting top-quality clinical trial services in China for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies the world over.

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Full Service Plus

At CSC we define our business scope as “full-service plus” because we go above and beyond the requirements of a traditional full-service CRO to provide you with the end-to-end services you require to get your product in to the China market.

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