CSC’s First On-line Investigator Meeting

Richard Tadd Blog

Under the leadership of the clinical operation center of CSC, and the joint efforts of the CRAs in the conference affairs team. CSC held the first on-line investigator meeting during Covid-19. From the development of <CRA Work Guidelines> and <Intention to Participate in Research>, then to inviting various site departments and institutions to participate in the meeting, from confirmation of “Meeting Agenda” to “Participants”, from the first venue live broadcast was synchronized to the second venue.The conference affairs team showed great execution ability and team spirit.

The BD team also demonstrated its professionalism in this meeting. In cooperating with the sponsor, clinical operation team and medical department to arrange the on-site first venue. This ensured the meeting is organized in an orderly manner.

The medical department played an important role in cooperating with main investigators to complete the meeting, introduced protocol design concept, answered various questions raised by site experts, collected opinions from all parties, and combined professional medical knowledge with actual clinical practice.